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Goals by age


You know how people say “life happens while you’re making plans”? Well, as I was drafting this post I figured my introduction would be something along the lines of “making plans makes life happen ACTUALLY”. I love planning, and quite literally have everything month of the next five years of my life planned (I know, I know).

Turns out life has a way of laughing in your face after all. This morning, I found out I was accepted into a Master’s program I’ve been obsessing over for years, with a 75% scholarship! So, this draft had to be revised. Ha. Here goes nothing. Here’s my financial hopes/dreams/wishes/goals for the next five years of my life. Enjoy. Italic means I’ve achieved the goal (I’ll be 30 this Fall).

By 30 years old:

By 31 years old:

By 32 years old:

By 33 years old:

By 34 years old:

By 35 years old:

There it is! These are my base goals and I hope to surpass them. I’m a goal-oriented person, and I’ve always found that having my goals written down has made it easier to remember/reach them. Hold me accountable, Internet!

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